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  • Wide variety of products from Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia, Belarus, Lithuania and Latvia

  • Large collection of movies and books in Russian and Ukrainian languages for rent

  • Medicinal herbs, teas, folk remedies, natural cosmetics


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Brazilian Popcheese Maricota POPCHEESE (cheese bread) is a product that is already sold in over 15 countries, including France, Italy, Spain,  United States and now in Canada. The POPCHEESE is a famous Brazilian delicacy/pastry, known for its quality and flavour, specially those from Maricota. Made with real parmesan cheese, they are gluten and nuts free. It is also important to mention that the product is free of trans fat. Children love and it can be a healthy snack option to enjoy anytime (breakfast, snacks, dinner). They’re frozen and ready to bake.

Walnut Cookie Maker Electrical Walnut Cookie Maker

Our perogies are exquisitely prepared with fresh ingredients. They are conveniently quick and easy to make. Boiled or pan-fried, they are delicious in every way.


Check out the selection of assorted chocolates, bulk candy, tortes and wafers.